VHI One Year Anniversary & Wheatgrass / Sprouts / Micro-Greens Business Program


In January 2016, the Vibrant Health Institute will be celebrating its ONE YEAR anniversary! Since opening the doors in January 2015, we have been blessed and honored to have seen so many wonderful people walk through our doors, teaching us things and helping us grow. We thank every single person who has come to VHI and changed our lives, we hope to have made a change in your lives, as well! None of this would have been possible without the help and support from all of you! THANK YOU!

The week of Jan. 17th – 23rd (which is also our one year anniversary), Michael will be offering a special business program on growing wheatgrass, sprouts / micro-greens. Hands-on training in the greenhouse every morning will be included with your tuition as well as seeing the business side of running VHI. The cost for this week long seminar is our VHI regular tuition rate ($989.00 / shared room & bath or $1,489.00 / private room & bath) plus $489.00 per person.

This week will include hands-on training in the greenhouse every morning, designing and building your own grow room area, techniques to promote your business, who to sell to, how to package, how much to charge, and how to sell your product to health food stores and small markets in your area. Michael will also let you in on what it takes to run an operation like Vibrant Health Institute. If that’s something that you want to know, then it’s definitely the week for you. You will also be able to attend all classes being offered at VHI for that week. No class will interfere with the other.

To hold your space for this week of learning everything you ever wanted to know about starting a wheatgrass, sprouting, or micro-green business, RSVP to VHI!

*Includes workbook and two DVD’s of a whole weekend workshop on how to plan your wheatgrass & sprouts business. Each DVD is over 2 hours of information with a power point presentation.