Spring Rate Change


As Spring melts all the snow here at VHI and our soft opening rates come to a close, we wanted to let you know about our regular rate special offers! There are so many people that would like to attend some kind of detox program throughout the year and many others that would like to bring someone along with them. We understand that having support during a cleanse like this, is one of the most important parts of our program. Join us with your spouse, family member or good friend and take the detox journey together!

What we offer now, every week and all year long, if you pay in advance for our three week course, you SAVE $$$! It’s very similar concept to a time share as well as a ‘bring a friend’ special off. Here’s how it works or just call us for details:

– Pay in advance for a 3 week, Private Room / Bath ($1,063 per week) or Shared Room / Bath ($730.00 per week) accommodation
– Check in any Sunday throughout the year (one year to make your reservation once paid in full) and stay for 1-3 weeks
– If you can only stay for one week, then you will receive a voucher for the other two weeks of your time with us to be used by you, or someone else you know
– You will have one year (or more) to use the rest of your stay with us OR you can come back with a friend or family member and let them use your other week.
– All vouchers are transferable or may be used during the same week with two or more people
– Pay in advance for three weeks, reserve your stay with two other people and use all three weeks at one time!

$3189 per person, private room and bath – ONLY $1,063 per week!
$2189 per person, shared room and bath – ONLY $730 per week!
$1889 per person (room not included) – ONLY $630 per week!

Pay for 3 weeks in full. Stay for one or two weeks at a time.
Week long vouchers are good for one year and transferable.