Special Guest Chef: Lynnette Astaire

On the week of March 6th, VHI will be welcoming our very first special guest chef – Lynnette Astaire, owner and founder of Live Lynnette.

Lynnette is a lifestyle expert and raw food chef with 15 years of plant based cooking experience and 10 years of juice detox fasting experience. She spends much of her time off the Pacific Coast of Mexico at LiveLoft, her juice and raw food detox retreat as well as traveling worldwide for workshops, lectures and lifestyle events.

If you are interested in raw food prep classes, this will be the week for you. It’s a week dedicated to creating delicious, gourmet raw food with an amazing chef!

Please email or call us for more information or to make your reservation!

517-278-6260 • info@vibranthealthinstitute.com

To learn more about Lynnette and her journey, click here.

 *During this week, VHI guests will receive all of our regularly scheduled lectures plus the special guest speaker!