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As VHI has now launched a NEW GoFundMe page, and we are awaiting a percentage of our goal to be reached, I will be looking for a new project / full or part time job, etc… I’ve been in the alternative health industry since 1990. *See resume below* Also, customer service, hotel, retreat / wellness center, promotions, teaching, personal assistant, driver, and even washing dishes! Currently located in South FL but more than happy to relocate anywhere in world. I also am offering consults on sprouting / micro-green business, colema cleansing, wellness center opening, employee training, personal home wellness / detox and more available in my web-store.

FREE 2 hour lecture on YouTube: CLICK HERE

Personal WebsiteWeb-Store 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Email: • Text: 1-860-294-4620

*If you would like me to send you my resume, email me at the address above.



PO BOX 18621

West Palm Beach, FL  33416

Voice & text: 1 (860) 294-4620


My passion is being ‘of service’ and helping people succeed with their health goals. Providing information for a healthier life, more energy, change in diet, creating abundance and living in the moment.

Employment History

1990 – 1998:  Optimum Health Institute – Lemon Grove, CA
Store / Office/ Reservations Asst. Manager, Greenhouse Manager & Public Relations Coordinator, Teacher

1998 – 2001:  J-Merch & Personal assistant to singer / songwriter, Jewel – Carlsbad, CA 
Merchandising Coordinator & Customer Service Manager, House Manager

2001:  Grassroots Organic Wheatgrass – San Francisco, CA
General Manager, Sales

2001 – 2011:  Hippocrates Health Institute – West Palm Beach, FL

Teacher, Greenhouse Manager, Reservations Director, Health Educator Consultant, Health Educator Director, Expo / Promotions Manager

2012 – 2014:  The Raw Food Institute / Lisa Wilson – Simsbury, CT
Program Director, Promotions, Teacher

2015 – Present:  Vibrant Health Institute – Union City, MI (2015-2016) & Business Consultant – West Palm Beach, FL
Founder & Director of VHI, Health & Wellness Consultant, Sprout & Wheatgrass Business Consultant, Opening Wellness Center Consultant, Training Staff, Lectures and Health Expo Tours (Looking for NEW VHI location and finance investor)

2016 – 2019:  Matthew J. Callahan Construction – PSL, FL
Construction Work


  • Solid Director, managerial and administrative experience.
  • 28 years in the alternative health field.
  • Exceptional versatility and adaptability.
  • Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.
  • Superlative communication and team-building skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment.
  • Strong lecture skills – stage presence

Professional Skills

OHI : Optimum Health Institute, Lemon Grove, CA  1990-1998
HHI : Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, FL  2001-2011
VHI : Vibrant Health Institute, (my own) 2015-current

Customer Service and Sales Skills:

  • Interacted with clients and utilized exceptional organizational skills to arrange and coordinate merchandising services.
  • Responsible for public relations development within OHI, J-Merch, HHI.
  • Delivered excellent customer service as trade show manager, lecturing, traveling to NY City twice each year, Toronto, Canada, MA, PA, FL and CA for OHI, HHI. (Sign-up guests to attend course)
  • Responsible in seed, tray, DVD, juicer, wheatgrass & growing rack sales increases per month at OHI, HHI.
  • Oversaw daily Greenhouse operations at OHI (8 years), HHI (10 years).
  • Public lecture / tour once every six weeks with chef at HHI. (40-60 guests each time)


Managerial and Supervisory Skills:

  • Served as manger for the wheatgrass / sprout & Greenhouse department at OHI, HHI.
  • Director of the Program Consultant office (2yrs.), all incoming phone calls at HHI, emails, sales and room reservations.
  • Instructed weekly lectures within OHI & HHI including monthly expo traveling and a public combination lecture with executive chef, HHI.
  • Responsible for development and maintenance of a support list for over 150 guests per week at OHI, HHI.
  • Served as “IT” manager in charge of all email address, phone system and computers as well as all incoming emails at HHI.
  • Hippocrates Health Educator Coordinator / Director (4yrs.) and program consultant.
  • Staff supervision, human resource manager OHI, HHI.
  • Founder / Director of the Vibrant Health Institute


Quantitative Skills:

  • Responsible for all invoicing within the Merchandising Department as well as concert tours for singer / songwriter, Jewel, and her company called J-Merch.
  • Served as facility manger of Jewel’s homes in Southern CA.
  • One of three personal asst. to Jewel (3 yrs.)
  • Maintained inventory control, OHI, J-Merch, HHI.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and accountability for daily sales operations including accounts receivable, inventory, and petty cash.
  • Managed and relocated Grassroots Organic Wheatgrass company, largest in Northern CA, for personal friend, owner & CEO, Debbie Kleven. (6 months – 2001)
  • Awarded employee of the month, OHI, J-Merch, HHI
  • Special award at Hippocrates Health Institute for outstanding customer service in the program consultant office, 2002.
  • Worked side by side with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen as nutritional assistant / colema board supervisor within Jewel organization.
  • Starred in several DVD lectures on wheatgrass growing and sprouting, OHI.
  • Recorded CD & DVD lectures on growing Wheatgrass, Sprouting and conscious communication, HHI
  • Personal YouTube Lecture (2 hours long) has over 25,000 views
  • Personal Website receives over 6,000 hits per day
  • Guest increase at OHI from 1990 – 1998 went from 40 to 180 per week.
  • Guest increase at HHI from 2001 – 2010 went from 20 to 80 per week.


Computer Skills:

  • Proficient in using personal computer – skills in such programs as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, PeachTree, Web Site design.


Lectures available:

  • Growing Wheatgrass, Sunflower, Pea & Buckwheat greens *power point & hands-on
  • Sprouting ‘The Easy Way’ *power point
  • Starting a wheatgrass / micro-green business *power point (Health Educator Class)
  • Opening a Wellness Center *power point (Health Educator Class)
  • Training your wellness staff / employees course
  • Juicing Benefits / How to Juice 101
  • What’s Simple is True *power point
  • Moving Beyond Food
  • Conscious Communication
  • Time for Change *power point
  • Colon Cleansing 101 *power point
  • At Home Follow-up *power point
  • Orientation to Program – Welcome, Protocol



*Personal references available upon request*

YouTube Lecture, 2 hours • Business Website • Text: 860-294-4620

YouTube pages:  Vibrant Health Institute  &  Grass and Sprouts

Facebook:  Michael Bergonzi • Wheatgrass Greenhouse • Vibrant Health Institute