Internship Program

For a limited time only, A New Internship Program is available at VHI!

The Vibrant Health Institute will be offering an Internship Program starting in March 2015. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who may have dreamed of having their own wellness center, or wish to someday have their own Vibrant Health Institute! Our future plan is to franchise out all over the US and beyond! You will learn what we do here behind the scenes. From our kitchen we will offer detailed raw food prep, blended meals, recipes, green juicing, dehydration, equipment to use, and much more! In the grow room you will learn how to sprout, grow micro-greens, soil, trays, temperatures, water, and even some business advice from Michael. In our store you will learn all about our products, supplements, and other equipment. Reception and phones will offer you an understanding on how we handle check-ins, paperwork, speaking with people about this lifestyle, reservations, costs, and more! You will also get 4 hours per week with VHI Director, Michael Bergonzi and 4 hours per week with General Manager, Maureen ‘Reenie’ Brewer. Also included are hundreds of hours of DVD/Video on how this all started back in the Ann Wigmore days, the Hippocrates way, Optimum Health Institute concepts, and some never before seen video from amazing teachers!

Here’s how it works:

*In some way, it’s similar to applying for a job, you have to be approved and accepted into this course.

Email us your application, which simply means one paragraph on what you want to do here, what you may have done in this type of a field in the past and the dates you would like to come. If accepted, you will receive an email reply or phone call from someone here to discuss details and dates.

Minimum stay is 1 month and maximum is 3 months.

The cost for this program is ONLY $250 per week for a shared room / bath or $500 per week for a private room with a shared bath.
You will be put on our work exchange program for 5 hours per day, 6 days per week. This will include, but not exclusive to, working in our kitchen, grow-room, store, reception, and some light housekeeping.

Our intern program is limited to 2-3 people at one time. We find that teaching you how to do this lifestyle is one thing, but going through it yourself is the only way to really understand it.

What’s included:
Your room (private or shared), all your meals or blended foods, green juice, wheatgrass juice, tea’s, several different therapy’s including infrared sauna, chi machine, bio-mat, TDP lamp, and also all of our live lectures!

Our policy for Interns:
Weekly evaluations of each intern. Keep personal information private as well as any type of medical, health, supplement advice to our guests. 5 hours per day, 6 days per week of work exchange in our kitchen, grow room or light housekeeping. We have a non-smoking campus, no cooked foods allowed in main building or rooms, cell phone talking after 9pm to be done in our Ann Wigmore room, no scented perfumes, oils, shampoo or soaps, no candle burning or incense.