Thank you for all your support in reopening Vibrant Health Institute! We are still looking for the right investor / partner as well as location to reopen VHI. Our GoFundMe page, which is closed, has all the details about VHI.

Just for further clarity: Since 1990, I have personally watched / witnessed people (thousands) go through a ‘raw food / juicing’ diet and literally heal their bodies in only three weeks (longer for some health issues). Just through a cleansing & detox type program, the body will begin to, and then totally heal itself from most every health challenge you are dealing with. BUT, you need to go through a program for 1-3 weeks in a row. This cannot be done ONLINE, and here is why… 1. You need support, 100% support (no TV, no fridge to open, no phone, no working, no people that have negative comments or feedback around you) 2. The body and mind need rest as well as to break out of the programs / addictions that are in our everyday lives. You will not get the full benefit of a cleanse if you have to work every day (unless you LOVE what you do, completely, and support of your household). 3. As much as I can tell you that living foods, sprouts, wheatgrass juice, structured water, colon cleansing, are all crucial to a detox… it’s the other part that is needed just as much. The silent day each week, the conversation with a stranger (soon to be a best, life-long friend *truth*), the connection with humans again on a vibrational level. This part completes the cycle of a good cleanse.


If you have ever been to a wellness program, you will understand this better. Yes, there are places out there you can go to, I’ve worked at most of them, and they are all a bit different. Some are much too expensive for 98% of the population and will charge you even more when you arrive with ‘healing modalities’ that you NEED to live. Some have too many people / guests that there is no individual attention. Some are not in the USA. Some attempt only short cleanses in a non-conducive environment. So, why VHI? First off, affordable for everyone (also offering work exchange, scholarships, VIP discounts, bring-a-friend discounts, donation reduction, program transfers, non-expiration dates on usable tuition, alumni discounts, and even camping options)! Next, shuttle service from the airport, lower guest count each week (30 max), green juice available anytime, daily and many FREE modalities to use throughout your stay. Lastly, at VHI we have moved beyond the food and offer amazing supportive lectures, group classes, emotional communication and understanding judgment, moving beyond fear to help you take this new lifestyle home with you. We have not forgotten food courses as well as understanding the addiction of eating, both emotional and social meals. You will understand it ALL and have a more complete, confident feeling when leaving VHI after our three week program.


Why is this amount of money needed in our GoFundMe? Vibrant Health Institute has most everything ready, however, we NEED a location to reopen. A place that would be conducive to healing, and allowing the body to rest. Away from the city, but close enough to an airport. Plenty of land for walking trails, gardens, greenhouses, guest camping, and exercise. The building would also need to be large with a commercial kitchen, office space, therapy rooms, a store, guest rooms (up to 15-30) and the land must have enough space for additional guest rooms and bathrooms for everyone. We also need capital to purchase those modalities we wish for everyone to use and not be charged extra for as well as promotions online, website and health events. We need some kitchen equipment, greenhouse racks & trays, store items to offer guests at an affordable cost, and enough capital to pay our employees while we are going through our beginning stages of reopening. We then hope to franchise this model in 5 different US states within the next 3 years, and more to come! We will offer classes to view online (similar to Netflix) for all members of VHI for support and a cleansing boost!


The VHI program course has successfully functioned for 18 months and all the ‘kinks / bugs’ have been worked through. We are now ready to reopen and give our guests the BEST of the BEST healing wellness retreat in the US! Click on the GoFundMe link and read more about what VHI means. There is even a FREE 2 hour lecture to understand the development of this program. Once we reach $500K you will be notified of our reopening date and location via email.


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Thank you for your time and support. We are available via email and text anytime, 7 days a week, NOW.

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