Spring Into Love with Joelene Bergonzi


March 13- March 19, 2016

Spend a week focusing on the theme of our lives: LOVE! It is what we are and what we do.

We will practice different tools for paying attention to and nurturing love so that it grows and flows in us and through us. Get to know the One you’ve been longing to meet!

Come join us to welcome love

  • for our health
  • for our choices and actions
  • for our relationships

Special topics this week will include:

  • Listening and Responding with Love
  • Your Story of Love
  • Desire and Intimacy
  • Time to Accept Love

with after-dinner LOVE chats and some fun activities.

Love Springs Eternal!!!!

Joelene Bergonzi, MA. A counselor, community mediator, and Reiki master, she most enjoys being a ‘midwife’ for people in transitions, singing and dancing, and the moments with her daughters and grandchildren.


 *During this week, VHI guests will receive all of our regularly scheduled lectures plus the special guest speaker!