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VHI in Naples, FL

September 17, 2017 - September 30, 2017


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Vibrant Health Institute – VHI in Naples, FL
@ Best Western Naples Inn & Suites
*Special event lectures listed below*
For reservations, call: 1-860-294-4620   9-6pm, EST

+FLY into Ft. Myers, FL ( airport code: RSW )
– Please contact us for our available FREE shuttle times to Naples / VHI ! Also, private shuttle available. Call for rates. Stay for 1 week or both!
– Flying in from over seas? Please arrive the Saturday before your program begins & call for check-in details / extra room night fee.
*Tuition cost located below*  View Naples hotel:  http://www.bestwesternnaples.com/ 

The Vibrant Health Institute program will be available for a total of four weeks, 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks in Sept., in Naples, FL!! One mile to the local beach and free shuttle available from 9am – 6pm! View location: http://www.bestwesternnaples.com/  Our VHI – ALL INCLUSIVE – program rates for Naples listed below! Private & Shared rooms are open now! Limited space available for each weekly course. Commuter rate (room not included) also listed below. Lectures, consults, therapies, juice & meals will be held right next door to the hotel. For more details about our program, please read below. Call us to make your reservation today! Stay for both weeks in August or both weeks in Sept. and SAVE $$$!

Check in date must be on a Sunday between 10am-3pm (latest)  One or two week stay: Sept. 17th-23rd, 24th-30th, 2017.  *If you are going to arrive late, you must call*

*All tuition costs must be paid in full by the Friday before your arrival date!*

*What’s included during my stay*:
– Room (private or shared *unless commuter), Meals, Juice, Lectures, Health Consult, Daily Exercise, Tours, Hands on classes, and FREE shuttle to local beach from 9am-6pm (advance reservations required)

*Meals & Juice Included (thanks to Food & Thought):
– Breakfast (green or fruit juice, 2 ounces of wheatgrass, structured mineral water)
– 11am Green Juice
– Lunch – Vibrant Raw / Living Food Sprout Salad (blended meal or juice option available) *Wed. Juicing Day*
– 4pm Green Juice, 2 oz Wheatgrass Juice
– Dinner – Vibrant Raw / Living Food Gourmet Meal (blended meal or juice option available) *Wed. Juicing Day, blended meal dinner only*
– Structured Alkaline Mineral Water, hot teas will be available all day
– *Fire Cider* available upon request (1 ounce in AM & 1 ounce afternoon)

*Lectures Included:
– Sprouting ‘The Easy Way’ at Home!
What’s Simple is True
– Fasting Levels: Juice; Fruit, Greens, Veggie, Water
– Organic Farm Tour
– Raw Food Prep / Demo (two each week)
– Growing your own wheatgrass and other micro-greens
– Lymphatic System
– How to shop ‘healthy’ at a Health Food Store
– Ozone Therapy ‘The Ultimate Immune Boost’
– Art Therapy *making mandala’s with Michelle
– Moving Beyond Food
– Release Ceremony *Let it Go!
– Detox Pyramid *Levels of regenerative detoxification
– Gut Health & What Does it Mean for all of us!
– Super-food Myths and Truths
– Sharing Circle
– Conscious Eating / Communication / Listening
– Taking it all Home / Q&A
– The Healthy Kitchen Equipment (juicers, dehydrators and more)
– 10 Day Colon Cleanse / Colema Board / Juicing
**Special event lectures listed below, Sat. & Sun., additional fee**

*Exercise & Excursions Included:
– Beach Yoga & Meditation, twice per week
– Daily Yoga (low impact), stretching
– Heart walk with John
– Rebounding
– Food & Thought Tour
– Aqua Aerobics, once per week
– Organic Gardening in Action!
– Historic 3 mile boardwalk tour around Cyprus Swamp

*Health Consults Included:
– Two @ 15 minutes each week

*Special Guest Speakers:

*Therapies Included:
– TDP Lamp (45 minutes per person, daily)
– Chi machine
– Far Infrared Sauna

Here’s the VHI Tuition Rates for Naples, FL:
View Naples Hotel: http://www.bestwesternnaples.com/
1 week / all inclusive:
$2,295.00 for one week, private room / bath
$1,895.00 for one week, shared room / bath
$1,695.00 for one week commuter program (room not included)
*Reservation deposit of $250 per person, per week required to hold room
– Former VHI guests deposits are welcome!
– Must be paid in full by the Friday before your arrival date.
– Check-in is on Sunday, Aug. 13th & Sept. 17th from 10am-3pm
– Pay your deposit on line now: CLICK HERE!

2 weeks / all inclusive:
$3,495.00 for two weeks, private room / bath – $1,747.50 per week (SAVE $1,095.00!)
$2,895.00 for two weeks, shared room / bath – $1,447.50 per week (SAVE $895.00!)
$2,495.00 for two weeks commuter program (room not included) – $1,247.50 per week (SAVE $895.00!)
*Reservation deposit of $250 per person, per week required to hold room
– Former VHI guests deposits are welcome!
– Must be paid in full by the Friday before your arrival date.
– Check-in for week 2 on Sunday, Aug. 20th & Sept. 24th from 10am-3pm
– Pay your deposit on line now: CLICK HERE!

Extras to think about, available during your stay:
Private Health Consult: $45 for 30 minutes
Massage: $45 for 30 minutes & $90 one hour (several choices available, given on site)
Colonic: $110 one hour (ride included)
Ozone Therapy: (*call for price)
Private Art Lessons: $35 for 30 minutes, Mandala’s w/ Michelle
*Special Event Lectures listed below*

Special Events – *Open to the public*

Opening a Health Institute & Wellness Center / Business Course:
Sept. 23rd, 2017   10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Cost:  $189.00  Pay online NOW (1 full day w/Michael)
This lecture will provide you with everything you will need to understand when opening your own health & wellness program. You will learn reservations, promotions, how to answer questions, lecture ideas, food required and serving sizes, juicing and kitchen equipment, staff needed, therapies for guests, structured water, guest rooms, growing area, difference between OHI, HHI and RFI, and so much more! 
+ includes power point details / notes
+ open to all VHI guests (not included with tuition) and local south FL residents
+ one 12 ounce juice included for all guests (water and tea available at event)
+ lunch break from 12-1pm *VHI lunch available to public for $12 donation
+ event to be held next door to Best Western Naples Inn & Suites, Naples, FL
+ reservations a must, limited seating, payment in advance required, call: 1-860-294-4620 or email: info@vibranthealthinstitute.com  OR for online reservations: CLICK HERE!


Starting a Wheatgrass & Micro-green Business:
Sept. 24th, 2017   9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: $129.00  Pay online NOW (1 half day w/Michael)

This lecture will teach you how to start-up your own sprouting / micro-green / wheatgrass business! Learn everything from how much to charge per pound, what to sell (juicers, seeds, trays, soil, racks), how to promote your business, the conditions and space needed to grow, and expense & start up costs.
+ includes growing wheatgrass & sprouting DVD lectures
+ business power point included
+ open to all VHI guests (not included with tuition) and local south FL residents
+ one 12 ounce juice included for all guests (water and tea available at event)
+*VHI lunch available to public for $12 donation*
+ event to be held next door to Best Western Inn & Suites, Naples, FL
+ reservations a must, limited seating, payment in advance required, call: 1-860-294-4620 or email: info@vibranthealthinstitute.com  or for online reservations: CLICK HERE!

Michael Bergonzi has been in the alternative health field since 1990. He has worked at Health Institutes in three corners of the country for most of his career. Managed greenhouses; growing sprouts and wheatgrass for 200 people per week, directed health educator courses, reservations office, public relations office & events, lectured all over the country, listened to thousands of guest testimonies and opened his own health institute back in Jan. 2015. He spent 8 years with OHI in CA, 2 years with RFI in CT and 10 years with HHI in FL. This has been his life for the past 27 years, also working with Dr. Ellen Tart Jensen, Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Cancer), singer/songwriter Jewel, Viktoras Kulvinskis, author Steve Meyerowitz, Raychel Solomon, and many more! He also has helped start wellness centers and wheatgrass growing companies in CA, FL, MI, CT, Cabo, MX, and South of France. Following both of these business course lectures, Michael will offer a Q&A for all guests. For more information and background on Michael, visit: http://vibranthealthinstitute.com/about/staff/

All meals and juices provided by Food & Thought of Naples!

At VHI each guest may choose their own detox diet style (juice, blended or vibrant meal), however, every Wednesday is green juice day with a blended meal for dinner and also SILENT DAY (communication with staff and teachers OK).

Here are your meal options:

  1. Green juice detox – This means you may have green juice, seven days a week throughout your entire program.  You may also drink 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass, twice per day as well as hot teas, structured alkaline water, and your choice of  Calm (magnesium to help you rest) or another tea.  Trace minerals are also available to add to any of your drinks! You may juice for as many days you prefer and stop at any time.
  2. Juice and blended lunch & dinner – This means everything above, plus a blended green meal to eat for lunch and dinner. Just let us know if you prefer the meal blended. You may also switch to juice or eating at any time during your stay.
  3. Raw Vibrant Meals –  This means everything above, plus a Vibrant Raw Food Meal for lunch and dinner!  (or you may choose a blended meal to replace the raw food for either lunch or dinner)

*Yes, you may ask for seconds!!!  Just remember, hunger doesn’t always mean you’re lacking nourishment and you are NOT going to starve while you are here on our program! We all have eating challenges / emotional challenges. We are here to support & guide you through them. Just ask if you need that extra support!

The Vibrant Health Institute (VHI) program is for anyone and everyone! We are non-denominational, please feel free to participate in all lectures, yoga, rebounding, silent day every Wednesday, release ceremony, etc…. or just relax at the pool, make a puzzle, even venture out to the beach (shuttle available). It’s up to each guest to choose what they would like to attend or partake in. VHI is a great detox for weight loss, fatigue, food addictions, stress relief and is one of the only programs that works best for people dealing with candida issues, Lyme disease, and various types of cancer. Our green juice and wheatgrass are perfect for making the body more alkaline. (Many people believe that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.) We also serve structured / alkaline water. This is the most hydrating water for our cells. All of our foods that we serve are gluten and dairy free, raw / living greens, sprouts and vegetables, or an optional blended meal. Some nuts, seeds, or avocado may be served as well, which are always labeled. We will be serving one ‘gourmet raw’ meal per day, excluding Wednesday.

Lectures here at VHI focus on many subjects, some which include; conscious communication, sharing circles, moving beyond fear, journaling, understanding judgment, emotional & social eating, taking it all home with you, and what’s simple is true. We then have the practical; one lecture each week on raw food prep, wheatgrass / micro green growing at home, juicing / household equipment, and sprouting the easy way.

The concept behind VHI is allowing the body to heal itself with nourishing living foods, green juice, wheatgrass, trace minerals, and structured water (all included with your stay here.) Each of our guests are here to detox, unwind / unplug, and rebuild their bodies. We all suffer from emotional and social eating as well as STRESS! Please take this time with us to slow down, get off your cell phone and computer during your stay. Check your messages and email just once a day rather then every hour. Help your mind and body rest by also doing a techno fast. Sit in silence again, watch the world around you… there is always something going on! Privacy of all our guests is important to us. We do not focus on teaching how to prepare raw food everyday to become a chef, just once or twice per week. Our mission is to help our guests understand the addiction of food as well as emotional and social eating habits, or adjusting from the S.A.D. After having 2 green drinks and 2 ounces of FRESH wheatgrass twice a day, you have eaten 4 times each day without ever eating lunch or dinner!

The first few days on our detox program, you may experience headaches, light nausea, fatigue and even some overall soreness.  This is the body adjusting and starting to now take care of its own health issues. Some people will feel ‘hungry’, but this isn’t from lack of nourishment. The concept isn’t to be ‘full’ of food here. Most symptoms will lighten up or disappear by day 3 & 4 (depending on the individual, as we are all very different.) If this is your first time going through a cleanse, we suggest three weeks or 21 days, to allow the body to overcome addictions and for food tastes to change. We will prepare you for your third week at home during these two week programs. Sense of smell may also begin to improve on your second week with us. It takes time for the body to rid itself of toxins, both emotionally and physically. By your third week at home, it’s now time for rebuilding and getting some structure back to your cells, heart, brain and muscles. If you have been through juicing and other detox programs, then coming here for an ‘oil change’ for just one week may be enough for you. Two weeks would be a  better cleanse / detox. More time is always what the body & mind need to rebuild and begin to heal. Think of your body like your vehicle.  If you drive a lot, you need to fill up with gas. If your car is in the driveway, you don’t need so much fuel.  Use your body more, exercise of some sort each day, then add more fuel (food.) Sit on the couch, behind a computer all day, less fuel (food) is needed.

Some other programs similar to VHI will focus on finding a supplement (pills) for solving your physical condition.  This could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. We here at VHI, however, will try to help you find out what is actually causing your physical health issue. Many Americans suffer from health issues that are directly related to their diet. We do understand that certain foods will help our body with the healing process, while other foods actually prevent this from happening. Other physical issues have to do with emotional stress caused by many unseen, or unrealized surroundings such as your job or even a person in your life. It may also be that your house is under or near power lines or even the way your bed is positioned. Something very simple could make a huge difference in the way you feel, both mentally and physically.

Everything is included with your tuition cost per week, either in a shared or private room.

*Volunteers needed for all four weeks in Naples, FL! Guest services, phone calls, appointment schedule, assistant to kitchen & Michael, and juicing for guests. Limited space available. Please email resume to: info@vibranthealthinstitute.com  includes meals, shared room, some classes.

Check in date must be on a Sunday between 10am-3pm (latest)  One or two week stay: Sept. 17th-23rd, 24th-30th, 2017.  Please call for shuttle pick-up times in Ft. Meyers (airport)  1-860-294-4620   9am-6pm EST   *If you are going to arrive late, you must call*

A Saturday arrival is an extra $90 (subject to approval) – Available only to International Guests *call!

Reservations require a non-refundable $250 deposit per person, per week

All tuition costs must be paid in full by the Friday before your arrival date!

Your deposit is transferable to another date, or another person, with your authorization

No charges for changing a reservation with a minimum of 3 weeks notice

Online deposit payment may be made by  via Credit Card

Once your deposit is made we will call or email you to confirm your reservation details and email you a confirmation package with details on what to bring, arrival time, directions, shuttle details, etc… You may also call us anytime: 1-860-294-4620 9am-6pm EST or email: info@vibranthealthinstitute.com

After you pay your deposit online, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US! 1-860-294-4620 or info@vibranthealthinstitute.com  for confirmation package.

This video will help explain a bit more about the VHI program. Founder / Director, Michael Bergonzi explains how it all fits together. Filmed back in 2011 when he was working to open the Vibrant Retreat Center in CA, now the Vibrant Health Institute! Yes, there was a live audience that you can’t see or hear. Enjoy, when you have some time!

2 hour FREE YouTube Video with more  details:

*Special ‘Thank you’ to my good friends at Best Western Naples Inn & Suites and Food & Thought! Also a warm ‘Thank you’ to Russell Rosen, Charles Marble, and Food & Thought!



September 17, 2017
September 30, 2017


Best Western Inn & Suites


Michael Bergonzi
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