Our Story

Hippocrates Mid-West to Creative Health Institute to Vibrant Health Institute:

Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore in Boston in 1962.Back in the mid 70’s, Raychel Solomon went to Hippocrates in Boston and had such amazing results that she started Hippocrates West in the San Diego, CA area. Around that same time, a man by the name of Don Haughey also had interest in starting a Hippocrates franchise in Union City, MI, called Hippocrates Mid-West. The two locations continued using the name ‘Hippocrates’ through the late 80’s. It was at this time, a meeting took place and both Raychel and Don were asked to remove the Hippocrates name from their wellness centers. Raychel changed the name of her location to Optimum Health Institute (OHI) and Don also renamed his location to the Creative Health Institute (CHI), formerly Hippocrates Mid-West.

In 1987, Moose & Jeanette Bergonzi (Michael’s parents) attended OHI in CA. Raychel Solomon was the grandmother of their son-in-law.  After a three week, life changing stay, Moose was asked to continue on as Maintenance Director and General Manager for the next 15 years. Arn Hunsberger, Eydie Mae’s husband, was on the Board of Directors for OHI.  Eydie Mae’s book ‘How I Conquered Cancer Naturally’ was the first of its kind to recognize Ann Wigmore’s work and acknowledge the raw food / wheatgrass diet for an alternative option for Cancer. Michael Bergonzi joined OHI in 1990 – 1998, building their state-of-the-art greenhouse growing room.  He then joined Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, FL in 2001 – 2011, when he left to open a new wellness center in CA. After consulting a few other wellness centers, he ended up back in CT and working with Lisa Wilson and The Raw Food Institute (RFI) in 2012, he continued his search for a new location for his Vibrant Health Institute (VHI).
*UPDATE: As of June 2016, VHI will be for a NEW location! Interested? Contact us via email info@vibranthealthinstitute.com or call 860-294-4620


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Vibrant programs begin every Sunday, all year long, and end on the following Saturday. Check-in on Sunday is between 11:00 am-3:00 pm. One week is the minimum stay and three weeks is the whole course.

Tuition Rates: *All Inclusive*
*Bed, Meals, Lectures, Juices, Exercise

Weekly: 7 days and 6 nights, Sunday to Saturday
$1,489 per person, private room and bath

$989 per person, shared room and bath

$889 per person (room not included)

Reserve a three week program and SAVE $$$!

3 Week Programs: 21 days and 20 nights, starts any Sunday

$3,189 per person, private room and bath – ONLY $1,063 per week!

$2,189 per person, shared room and bath – ONLY $730 per week!

$1,889 per person (room not included) – ONLY $630 per week!

*Pay for 3 weeks in full.  Stay for one or two weeks at a time.
*Week long vouchers are good for one year and transferable.

To visit VHI Director / Founder, Michael Bergonzi’s personal website, CLICK HERE