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Relocation Update!

The VHI program course has successfully functioned for 18 months and we are now ready to reopen and give our guests the BEST healing wellness retreat in the U.S! Please click on the GoFundMe link to read more about what VHI means and to help us reopen in 2021!


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There is a FREE 2 hour video lecture and other resources to help you understand the development of our program and what it entails. Once we reach $500K, everyone will be notified of our reopening date and location via email.

So please don’t forget to join our mailing list as well by clicking the link below!


Thank you for your time and support. We are available via email and text anytime, 7 days a week, NOW. • Text to 1-860-294-4620

Michael Bergonzi

What’s Simple is True

Our program focuses on relaxation, rejuvenation, re-connection, and detoxification, while providing a total cleanse. Learn practical information and gain simple tools to create a wellness plan that will bring balance to your life, awaken your inner knowledge, support your overall happiness & well-being, and reboot your life. This simple, yet powerful, retreat yields amazing results! Get started on a program that can easily be continued once returning home. Priced very affordably, this program offers an incredible value for the results. We believe in putting Earth back into your life, strengthening your foundation and connection! Namaste.

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Thank you for all your support in reopening Vibrant Health Institute! Here is our GoFundMe page, and...
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