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Q: What do most mammals eat? I've heard that 5% of mammals are carnivores, which makes me wonder... Are most mammals herbivores? (YES, human beings are MAMMALS!) A: Most animals (roughly 85%) eat plants or their products (such as seeds, fruit, and nectar). Plants are the most readily available food. Animals eat to get energy for reproduction and to maintain life. The Sun provides Earth’s energy. Only plants convert the Sun’s energy directly into sugar and starches, the chemical energy that feeds life. Furthermore, that energy is cheaply available since its raw materials (sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water) are plentiful. Any mammal on the planet, whether it survives on fruits, nuts, berries and greens or if it survived on eating meats, would still be the exact same mammal in the end. Same features, same bone structure, same muscles, same eyes, same arms, paws and legs, same heart, etc... The only difference is (these days, due to lack of nutrient in the EARTH-soil) how healthy that mammal will be in the end. So, all animals (including all mammals!) must eat plants or plant-eating animals to get food energy. Plants are abundant and, therefore, most animals have developed traits (like a cow’s three stomachs) that help them eat and digest plants in quantity. Actually, almost all animals eat plants to some extent, even carnivores. They have the ability to pull the nutrient out of the fibers of the greens. Humans DO NOT CHEW their food... we engulf, devour, swallow and inhale our food. When Ann Wigmore founded the Hippocrates concept and Life Change Program, she would actually 'blend' your food (raw living foods & sprouts) and then serve them to you that way. Not to get more nutrition from the food, as a blender will do what a microwave will do (if left on for 1 minute), but in order for the body to digest that food faster and get it out the other end. Please research colon cleansing, colonics, colema boards, She understood the importance of chewing your foods, but knew that most people will not spend the time to do it, so she did the next best thing and blended up before she served it to you. Wheatgrass is also a blood purifier, cleanser, detoxifies, and has chlorophyll (the green stuff) which helps to carry oxygen to every cell in your body. Oxygen in your cells will help to fight off diseases, bad bacteria, and cancer (written material available in any book written by Bernard Jensen, Norman Walker or Ann Wigmore, I also suggest the book by Steve Meyerowitz, 'Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine' for the most up-to-date information on wheatgrass). A person, on average, will drink 1-2 ounces, daily, on an empty stomach (no more than 2 ounces at any one given time as that is all any person's body will need). Wheatgrass must be "squeezed" or juiced with a masticating, single auger juicer (My personal choice is the $49.95 Healthy Juicer, sold on this site, see below and the Juicer or Store link above... I am not impressed with any of the twin gear juicers as you will get way too much foam!) in order for our body to assimilate the nutrient. We cannot just put some on our salads as we will not be able to pull the nutrient out of the fibers. If you wanted to mix the wheatgrass juice with something, then be sure to keep the GREENS together!! DO NOT MIX THE WHEATGRASS JUICE WITH ANYTHING THAT IS NOT GREEN!!! Any food combining chart will tell you that. Some people even put a mint leave in with the green juice, or any other green herb is fine to use. Wheat is an annual seed and will not keep growing back every time it is cut, like your front lawn does. Wheat will actually produce more seed when grown to maturity and wheat is grown all across the United States. Every state and every farmer has a different variety of wheat seed. Wheatgrass seed is Hard Winter Wheat or Hard Spring Wheat. Not 'white' wheat and not 'soft' wheat. That is why Michael will always test his seeds all year round for the best growing quality. Wheat was the 'chosen' seed to grow for grass as it has a more palatable taste than most others. (when you have tried our grass, you have had the best and will taste a difference) Wheatgrass should always have a sweet, smooth and palatable taste. If your wheatgrass juice is bitter or causes you to feel a little sick, then the grass may be too old, under watered or had too much light during its growth. *Remember: There is NO substitute for LIFE & FRESH wheatgrass juice!!! (powders**, pills**, tablets** and frozen** are not even close to LIFE... frozen is NOT alive and if it's grown outdoors and then frozen, does not change anything. Frozen grass, indoor grown or outside in the Earth is still 'dead' and will NOT be the same as fresh.) With that said, if you can't get FRESH wheatgrass juice, then the next best thing would be FRESH GREEN juice, using everything that is green, leafy green or a sprouted green. ie: cucumber (skins too if it's organic), celery, spinach, kale, cabbage, all green sprouts... even a fresh leave of mint would be a nice touch! Just remember to keep the GREENS together and do not mix anything that isn't green in with your FRESH green juice. A green drink is longer lasting when stored in the fridge. It's best to drink it right after it's juiced, however, if you must have it all day, it will store 12-24 hours. Add a bit of lemon for longer lasting juice. Juicers for wheatgrass: Manual HEALTHY JUICER (my favorite), Omega, Hurricane, Tornado *BEST stainless: Opti-Fresh and the G160. **Juicers *NOT* to be used for wheatgrass include: Jack Lalane, Jay "the Juice Man", the centrifugal Omega (round blade), Breville, Norwalk, Champion and The Vita-Mix. **SEE JUICER LINK PAGE for complete details** **Personal note to all internet users: Please do not email me and start with the statement, "Michael, I read on the internet that...", because guess what, so did I. It's been since 1990 in this field. I have read it all, seen it all and heard more healing stories than you will ever read on the internet about 'fresh' wheatgrass. Trust me!

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